Four Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Security Screens

Security screens can give you peace of mind because it will be harder for intruders to break into your home. However, you can only get to enjoy those benefits if you select the right screens. This article discusses some key questions that can help you to get the most appropriate security screens for your home.

Can the Screens Be Painted?

It may be hard to get security screens whose mesh is a match for the colour theme of your home. Ordering custom screens to achieve a uniform look often increases the cost of getting those security screens. An easier (and cheaper) option would be to paint that mesh once it has been delivered. However, some wire meshes are so small that it is hard to paint them. It is therefore advisable for you to read the product's brochure so that you confirm that the particular item that you want to buy can be painted.

How Much Maintenance Do They Require?

It is important to select security screens whose maintenance requirements don't impose demands that will be hard for you to meet. Maintenance requirements usually arise from two key factors. First, the material from which the hinges and other hardware was made can affect your maintenance routine. For instance, some stainless steel surfaces may need to be cleaned frequently in order to prevent corrosion at the points where dirt accumulates in the pores of the frame or latches. Aluminium may require less cleaning because it won't corrode.

The second factor that you should think about is the mesh size. Meshes that are designed to act as insect screens get dirty quicker than larger meshes that mostly serve a security function. It is therefore wise to establish the maintenance requirements of a given security screen model before you place your order.

How Do They Open?

This question is particularly important if you are buying those security screens for your windows. Some security screens are designed to open from one of their sides, or they can open from the bottom or the top. The specifics of your home should guide which opening style is appropriate. For instance, avoid buying those that open from the sides if obstructions (downspouts, for example) can prevent such screens from opening fully when you want to open them.

What Is Their Rating?

Security screens are usually rated based on their ability to withstand different impact forces. For example, some screens may not be hurricane rated due to their inability to handle the impact forces generated by hurricane winds. Pay attention to the rating of the different security screens and select the model that will address your needs.

You will be less likely to regret in case you buy security screens after answering the questions discussed above. Delay making a buying decision and talk to an expert in case you have other concerns that you would like to be addressed.