3 Effective Ways to Prevent Security Cameras Vandalism and Theft

CCTV systems are invaluable in keeping your property secure. At the core of these systems are security cameras. If your property, residential or commercial, is in an otherwise high-crime neighbourhood, then investing in CCTV systems should be a priority.

In such neighbourhoods, you are more than likely to find the very daring kind of criminal that will even try to steal or vandalise your security cameras. What can you do to prevent this theft or vandalism to ensure that your CCTV systems remain up and running at all times? As it turns out, there are several things you can do. Here is a look at a few of these actionable things.

1. Install High Up

If the criminals can't reach your security cameras, then they won't be able to blind or steal them. The higher the better, as long as you angle the cameras in such a way that they can still capture a large area.

Installing your security cameras within arm's reach or where they can be easily accessed with, say, a pole, will be making it too easy for the criminals. Even as you think of elevated spots to install the cameras, you should also make certain that you don't leave out stepladders or anything similar that they can use to reach the cameras.

2. Install Away from Plain View

Again, if the criminals cannot see your security cameras, then your CCTV systems are safe from possible vandalism and theft. You can position your cameras just about anywhere on your property away from plain sight, as long as they can capture everything going on around the area they should cover.

You can also hide your cameras in plain sight by buying camouflage skins. The criminals will be none the wiser because the cameras will blend right in with the surroundings.

3. Invest in Vandal-Proof Housing

Put in some money towards vandal-proof housing or casings, and you can protect your CCTV systems. These housings are designed to withstand the high impact that may result from all kinds of physical damage that the vandals may employ. You can speak to your CCTV systems installation company about helping you secure the highest quality of vandal-proof casing that has been tested and proven to meet the set standards.

Your security cameras are an integral part of your CCTV system. With the highlighted tips you can better protect these cameras and ensure that the integrity of your security system is not compromised due to vandalism and theft.