Are You Back in Business After the COVID-19 Restrictions? Ways to Involve Your Security in Keeping Infections Away

It has been eleven months since the first case of coronavirus was reported in the country. The pandemic has completely changed the way people interact with each other. The Department of Health has been issuing advice and guidance on how to control the menace. Now that business operations are open after the spring lockdowns and people are learning to live with the virus, you should also do your best to make your business premises a corona-free environment.

If you are in the event management or hospitality industry, this is the time to get all the help you can to control the virus's spread. You should train your security guards to be front-line workers in securing your premises. Here are three ways that COVID security guards can help.

Making Sure People Maintain Social Distance

By now, you have probably printed stickers, notices, and demonstrations to show visitors how far one metre apart is on your premises. Sadly, no matter how serious this pandemic is, some people are still breaking the rules at every opportunity they get. The situation is worse when people are lining up to check out of the supermarkets and take away food and drinks.

Your security guards can help you keep the infections away by ensuring that people stay one metre apart at all times. When people are gently reminded to maintain social distance throughout the day, the possibility of infection reduces.

Making Sure People Sanitise Their Hands

The second measure issued by the World Health Organisation and the Department of Health to curb coronavirus infections is frequent handwashing and sanitising. Some people will remember to wash or sanitise their hands every time they enter a new building. However, a few others might not.

Your security guards can play an essential role in ensuring that anyone who enters your premises sanitises their hands. You can even have them carry a bottle of sanitiser and share it with everyone who tries to access your building or venue. It ensures that no germs are transferred from people's hands into your surfaces through the touch.

Making Sure Everyone Wears a Face Mask

Everyone knows the importance of face masks in preventing the spread of the coronavirus. However, a few people still think it is unnecessary, which poses a significant danger to everyone else.

Your security guards will scan everyone entering your premises and require them to have a mask before granting entry.

These are three ways your guards can help you fight corona. With their assistance, you can make your workplace a coronavirus-free zone.