Two tips to follow if you've just bought CCTV cameras for your shop exterior

Here are some tips if you've purchased CCTV cameras for your shop exterior.

Put cameras away from any of your shop exterior's swinging signs 

It's best to put your CCTV cameras away from any swinging signs you may have hanging outside your shop. Firstly, there is a chance that when the wind makes the sign swing towards the CCTV cameras, it might knock them out of the position you've put them in. As a result, they may point towards an area of your premises that you don't need to monitor or a nearby public area that is beyond the boundary of your premises.

Secondly, even if the swinging sign doesn't touch and move the camera, it might briefly block its lens when it swings towards it. This could result in, for example, a thief who just snuck out of your shop with some of your stock managing to run past the camera without being captured by it.

Thirdly, putting the cameras too close to these signs may result in the camera obscuring some of the sign's text and making it unreadable. This could cause problems for your customers. As such, the cameras must be placed out of the sign's swinging range.

Reevaluate your CCTV system regularly

It's sensible to reevaluate your CCTV system regularly. For example, if you start selling a trendy product for which there is a very high demand and this leads to people queuing outside the door of your shop in an unusual manner, then you might need to change one or more of the camera's locations to monitor the queue emerging from your shop.

Likewise, if you start putting some of your products out on display in front of your shop (for example, if you start selling garden furniture and you set up an outdoor dining set outside the shop), you might need to buy an extra camera and point it towards this display. This way, you can identify anyone who causes damage to it or tries to steal parts of it.

Conversely, you might notice after a while that the camera in the area of your premises' exterior that is usually empty and inaccessible by the public never contains any footage you need to use. After reaching this conclusion, you may decide to remove this camera and put it somewhere else or sell it. No matter the case, it's important to set up CCTV cameras on your premises. Contact a company that provides CCTV systems for more information.