Qualities to Look Out For When Hiring Security Guards

If you plan to hire a team of security guards to protect your business or home, you may be wondering about the skills and qualities you need to look out for in a candidate. This article explores some of the qualities a competent security guard will possess. Read on to discover more!


The most fundamental quality for any security guard is alertness or being on the ball at all times so you can be in a position to respond immediately to a threat or a developing situation before things get out of control.


Security guards have to deal with long periods in which very little happens, and they are expected to carry out routine and repetitive tasks. Therefore, patience is an essential quality. A good security guard will also understand that their job requires them to be patient even when it may seem irritating or dull from time to time.

Agility and strength

In some cases, physical strength and agility are necessary if you want your security guards to physically pursue a suspect or handle violent situations that may arise.

Good communication skills

When it comes to teamwork, communication is vital. You need to hire individuals who are good at communicating with others and relaying messages. A security guard must also have a good command of English as they will regularly be giving orders or explaining their actions during an incident.

Knowledge of the law

Security guards cannot make arrests, but they can detain people until authorities arrive on the scene. Therefore you need to hire staff who understand how this works and the relevant penalties for breaking the law, such as trespassing or assault. You should also discuss what powers they will have during your hiring process, especially if you run a business where you need to protect your business assets and staff.


It would be best if you looked for indicators of professionalism such as:

  • Showing up on time
  • Having appropriate uniforms
  • Knowing the relevant rules and regulations
  • Having all their training documentation in order

Calmness under pressure

Security guards are sometimes put in difficult situations requiring them to act calmly and professionally even when placed under immense pressure. It would help if you looked for signs that your candidate is able to do this, such as their past work history.

If you would like to find out more about hiring a security guard, you should contact a local security company that supplies personnel. A team member will be happy to provide more information about the process.